2010...7 Year Old Requested a GOOD NEWSpaper    2014...Northside Vibes!

Yes! The Founder of the GOOD NEWSpaper is 16 year old NyRiian who asked his grandmother (Deone McWilliams) to please write a newspaper with only the "good news" because the "bad" news was scaring the children.  NyRiian was only 7 years old at the time (from the mouths of babes)! Our 1st newspaper was Flavor News (same as our company's name) which was The Universal Communities' GOOD NEWSpaper.  In 2014 Northside Vibes was created primarily for the Northside of Richmond, Virginia--and within 2 years the paper went international!  Parents, it is very important to stop and listen to our children--even if we think what they're saying is impossible to achieve.  You see, God will use our children as messengers as He did with NyRiian.  Where is this young man today and what is he doing?  Today, NyRiian is a high school junior and he enjoys cooking (studying Culinary Arts), composing music (and singing), and acting.  

He's on his way to a promising future - destined for greatness!


7 Year Old @ Channel 8 

determined to share the GOOD NEWSpaper with hopes of getting rid of the BAD NEWS!  Not only did he appear on TV, but he had his grandmother to call the White House too!  They loved this kid!


WRIC Channel 8 Reporter and the entire staff  welcomed little NyRiian, Founder of Flavor News in 2010.  She was too happy to converse with us and gave him a tour.  What a FUN and educational moment!


Founder, NyRiian (now 16) talks with NBC12's Terrance Dixon about his dream coming true through his grandmother writing a Worldwide GOOD NEWSpaper.  He was so happy to have this opportunity!