Our Core Team

We're on a Serious Mission to Keep Bringing You... The GOOD NEWS! It has been a true honor representing so many neighborhoods filled with MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE!  OUR MISSION: From the outset, Deone envisioned Northside Vibes becoming a unique (special) publication that would be an integral part of many communities - a publication for "everyone" to enjoy! As we are unable to publish everyone's story, our intentions are always good.  Join the GOOD NEWSpaper and 




Yes! The Founder of Flavor News is 16 year old NyRiian who asked that a GOOD NEWSpaper be written because he and other children were tired of all the bad news in the world.  He was only 7 years old at the time (from the mouths 

of babes)!  

Today, NyRiian is a high school junior and he enjoys cooking, music (singing), dancing, composing, and acting.  He's on his way to a promising future - destined for greatness, and we couldn't be more

proud of him!

Deone McWilliams

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Thank you for visiting our website.  For 5 years we have had the opportunity to feature positive, uplifting, motivating news... we all can use.  Each and everyday we strive to make people smile, laugh, and relax in knowing that GOOD NEWS is HEALTHY NEWS! From our future leaders (children) to our seasoned seniors, we enjoy featuring heartfelt testimonies, dreams and aspirations, special occasions and 

so much more!