Northside of Richmond Civic Associations

Battery Park Civic Association

Maria Carra Rose, Acting President

2702 Edgewood Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

Email: [email protected]

Bellevue Civic Association (804) 261-0513

P.O. Box 15623 Richmond, VA 23227 

Email: [email protected]

Brookland Park Area Business Association

Willie Hilliard (804) 852-7463

P.O. Box 25271 Richmond, VA 23260 

Email: [email protected]

Ginter Park Terrace Association

Benjamin Ross (804) 240-3559

3007 Noble Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

Email: [email protected]

Highland Park Plaza Civic Association

(804) 321-1435

3500 Delaware Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 

Email: [email protected]

North Barton Heights Association

2906 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 

 Email: [email protected]

North Central Civic Association

Eric Axelson (202) 489-7390

3224 Fendall Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 

 Email: [email protected]

Providence Park Civic Association

Kevin Starlings

Email: [email protected]

Rosedale Civic Association

Liz Turner (804) 340-1030

1901 West Laburnum Avenue Richmond, VA 23227 

 Email: [email protected]

Sherwood Park Civic Association

Washington Park Civic Association

Brenda Nichols (804) 321-2718

3912 Moss Side Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 

 Email: [email protected]


Ginter Park Garden Club

Ginter Park Women’s Club

3016 Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA 23227 

 Email: [email protected]


Cannon Creek

Charles Price 

 Email: [email protected]

Friends of Battery Park: Ginnie Morrow

2801 Griffin Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 

 Email: [email protected]

Highland Park Neighborhood Watch

Richmond Guardian Angels

Jo White (804) 937-6836

3206 Maryland Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222

Email: [email protected]

Friends of the Northside Dog Park

(End of Forest Lawn Drive -behind Henderson Middle School)