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Special Thanks to NBC12's GOOD NEWS REPORTER Terrance Dixon

In April 2019 Terrance Dixon visited the News Room to learn about our 5 year journey.  The meeting between the GOOD NEWSpaper journalist and the GOOD NEWS TV reporter was quite interesting (great!).  As we all know, GOOD NEWS is HEALTHY NEWS -- the more the merrier!  We look forward to checking in with Terrance in the near future.   CLICK ON THE LINK  TO VIEW THE INTERVIEW.

Mr. Good News Meets Ms. Good News

16 Year Old Founder NyRiian Jiggetts oversees interview with NBC12's Terrance Dixon. What an awesome experience for us all!

Youtube video thumbnail

Gilbert Wilkerson Interviews Deone McWilliams

Deone McWilliams, CEO, Flavor News, and Editor-in-Chief shares the Journey of NORTHSIDE VIBES (FAITH & $22.00) with Mr. Gilbert Wilkinson.  This was our 1st television interview as Mr. Wilkinson assisted greatly in requesting support from our communities.  We received multiple calls and ad sales increased!

New CD Release - Together We Can Make It by Richmond's own James SAXSMO Gates

804JAZZ NEW SINGLE RECORDING AND VIDEO was released on September 8, 2017 (Nationally and Internationally)